Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday, January 6

I had hoped I would have more news to report this evening but such is not the case.  Bill is still getting antibiotics to treat to the infection and to make matters worse, he had another collapsed lung today.  Between those two factors he's been feeling pretty lousy.  He should finish this round of antibiotics tomorrow and his doctor inserted a chest tube to relieve the pressure on his lung.  A few steps forward, a few steps sideways.  I don't know what direction we are moving in anymore.

In better news, he is eating so well that his tube feeds have been discontinued.  He still receives some medications through the stomach tube, but at some point that will be removed.  Tubes go in, tubes go out.  It's all part of the process.

The chest tube should not interfere with Bill's ability to sit up in the wheel chair, we'll just have to be extra careful transferring him.  It also won't interfere with ventilator weaning, although at this point he is still not ready to be unhooked and breathing on his own yet. 


  1. Sarah, Bill & Family,

    Your blog address has been forwarded to my church's prayer chain so you will soon have even more prayers headed your way!

    And Sarah, if there's anything that I or my husband can do to help with your property or belongings while you're with your family, give me a call at work: 342-3204 or email Julie & she'll pass it on.

  2. You're doing a great job with all of this, Sarah! Maybe Bill gets some of his strength from you, you're definitely a role model!

    Bill and I have never met, but pass along some encouragement from me. He's doing great, really. Kudos, Bill!