Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 13

Well I survived my first two day outing this past weekend. I went to Columbus to a PBR rodeo with my friends Jim and Dave from Massachusetts. Though I'm not much of rodeo fan, I had a good time. I didn't get much sleep Saturday night due to my congestion and a little bit of a spell of dysreflexia following day, neither event are going to stop me from traveling again. All in all a good first trip. While Jim and Dave were in this time they bought me and brought to me a crossbow to use this fall while deer hunting. One step closer to being in the woods, a second step closer will be perfected very shortly. My father has relentlessly been converting my four-wheel-drive chair into something I can use, and the conversion is about finished. It is already in a usable state though I still have trouble with right turns, but that's not the chair's fault. Pictures of this chair will follow soon. And Kimberly, if you're still reading, I would be very interested in hunting out there next fall my e-mail is a.william.beck AT gmail DOT com.


  1. Hey, Bill! You bet I'm still reading! Congratulations on your first trip... each accomplishment now is goal reached and passed, and you are doing beautifully. I admire your ability to not let the frustrations of lost sleep, etc keep you down.

    I'll do some research about bow, shotgun and rifle hunting here... lots of opportunities, I know. I just need to educate myself about them, and I'll send the info on to you. Thanks!

  2. Shoot em up Bill! I hope you enjoy every minute of hunting this Fall. I'm so proud of you for kicking the vent, it really opens up so many possibilities for what you can do now. If you save me some deer meat, I'll get you some squirrel meat in November, deal? haha Love you so much, see you soon! -Bekah