Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

For any followers left out there, I have no reasons why. It's been a long cold winter with saddening truths.
Currently I've been meeting with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation from both the state and AEP, about finishing college. Not sure what but I've got to do something.
My respiratory therapist has given me the go-ahead to remove my trach this spring. Not sure, but hope it won't cause any issues with anxiety. No major issues with my health this past winter to speak of.
Though my shoulders and arms are getting stronger I'm not sure if I have the range I would need to drive a car. Which is my new long-term goal, to drive again.
I WILL keep this more up to date for anyone who might still glance at it.


  1. I follow... look for updates everyday... need distractions from work :)

  2. Hi Billy,
    I don't check everyday, but I have you in my Favorite and I do check pretty often to see how you're doing. I admire your courage and pray God gives you strength and helps you reach those goals. Never give up.
    Your "Aunt Shirley"

  3. I still check in to see what you're up to! Don't quit posting.

    Jenn (Carr) Floodstrom

  4. Bill, I still check on you, and check on Sarah's picture site, too, for any recent pictures. Would love to see some pictures from you on here, maybe some of your house, and the surrounding area. Did you get your new wheels fixed for traveling in the woods? Keeping you in prayer and in my thoughts. Sarah's freind Leslie Smith's mom, Jeanne

  5. Billy yes we are still here. I too look for posts. stay strong and keep going forward YOU CAN DO COLLEGE. all in good time. The pup is sure cute.

    love and prayers your way
    Joy (Sarie's mom)

  6. Hey Bill,

    You are such a strong person. you can do anything you set your mind to. I still keep an eye on the blog every couple days to see if you have posted any updates. Wyoming is still cold and windy and i cant wait until summer gets here. Take care.