Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello everyone. A special thanks goes out to: AmberLee, Jess, Dad, Chantel, Andrew, Beth, Sarah, Sarie's mom Joyce, Jeanne, Aunt Shirley, Jenn Floodstom, Holly and Steve, Heather, Keith and family, Michael, Dr. Almuth H. Tschunko, Marshall C. Kimball, Joyce Pennington and Jeanne Ritchie for your prompt respond and words of encouragement. I'll definitely keep the blog more current as I continue my college career.

Many of you guys have inquired about my computer interfacing. I still use dragon when writing or "dictating" long emails or any other lengthy document. But for everyday typing I use a mini keyboard, positioned properly. I gave up on the first touchpad I tried (the "Bamboo"), it took to much downward pressure to work. The new touchpad (an "Ergo") works so much better. As far as my ability to use the computer, I'm limited my knowledge and single key typing. I'm including a photo of myself and my computer table for a better description.


  1. So excited you are getting back into school! Let me know if I can help with anything.... :)

  2. good for you to get back to school. I know you will figure things out. that;s a talent and skill you have always to take things apart and put them back together. good problem solver you are. just caught your dog's phote what a smile she has!!!


  3. Hi Bill,
    This is Denise. Remember? Dave's girlfriend. Not only do I follow the blog, but my mom does also. I think you look so much better than I when I last saw you at the bull riding. I did not get a deer this year. I saw some but, as you know, sometimes the shot is just not there. In a month or two the schoolies will be coming into the Merrimack River. I hope you all can somehow make a trip to come see us.
    Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you.Oh, by the way, cute dog.

  4. Hi Bill,
    Looks like you've got a pretty good computer setup! One of my old bosses typed one key at a time because he never learned to type, and he was earning six figures! He used the phone a lot :-)
    What's going on in the woods of Ohio now? Our daffodils are already gone, and we're just getting tulips and California lilac blooms & Western redbud leaves in California.