Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello everyone, another update from me. My health has been well and I have not been suctioned in over a month. It's nice to finally have some reasonable weather outside but it'll only be for awhile
I was able to find a small utility trailer as a base for my hunting blind, it'll have 5 foot walls and will use a truck topper as the roof. There will be an opening all the way around the blind with an assortment of “standard size” panels, for endless window configurations. We still have a bunch of painting yet to finish, but it's coming together. For any local readers: I'm looking for a small truck topper roughly 60 inches by 8 feet, if there are any out there get a hold of me. A special thanks to those that have helped thus far: My Dad, Keith Malone, Larry Moss, Steve Anderson, Shyrick Raber, and Melissa McKown. As you can see in the photo I'm still missing a few key parts and a little bit of paint. But it will give you an idea of what I'm building.

I found an online bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and it's ABET accredited, it's offered through the University of North Dakota. I've been accepted and I'm waiting to hear back on what class transferred. It takes about 6 years to complete but if a good number of my credits do transfer I should have only a few years left. Even though it's an online program it's still structured in semesters, where I must keep pace with the regular on-campus class. I had a few delays in the paperwork so I'm not sure it is everything will be completed by the time fall semester starts, August 22. But if all else fails everything will be completed by the time spring semester starts. And having a little extra time this fall to hunt wouldn't bother me at all.

] Take care everyone and I'll post again in a week about the University of North Dakota. Thanks for reading, AWB

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  1. Glad the hunting wagon is coming together. I wish I could be more help but our schedule is crazy right now. If you find a cap and want me to haul it or go scope it out for you give me a call. Good luck on the college courses!!