Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 13, 2012 A New Year

Hello everyone, I'm very sorry about the lack of any new posts. I had a few issues to resolve. I'm through deer hunting for the season, my final tally was two deer. A nice doe (photos on the last post) and I dropped a button buck in its tracks. Unfortunately though I didn't get anything with the gun (we had bad weather and then scope troubles). I know now what I need to do to be better paired for next season. A special thanks to all of those involved with the hunting process: friends, family, and nurses. Thank you very much for making the hunting season possible.

I recently had a wonderful lunch with some of my old coworkers, both current and retired. I want to thank all who attend; Sam Garich, Scott Miller, Larry Moss, Anita Fischer, Jeff Walker, Gary Hall, Larry Gessel, Larry Augustine, Bill Skinner, Nelson Lang, Diane Zimmerman, Nate Long, and Teresa Wallace. And I want to thank Diane Zimmerman very much for making it possible. Thank you everyone for coming.

I've started my online courses at UND (The University of North Dakota) and so far things are going smoothly. Though I'm only enrolled in two courses and one's a self paced portfolio on my work and educational experiences. The other course I have to keep pace with the on-campus class to an extent. I'll have the entire semester to work on my lab project for it. I'll keep posting updates about my progress.

I've got a new addition to the family. He's about five or six weeks old. Larry took his brother who looks almost identical except a little more black (his back is in the picture). He's the perfect lap kitty, lays around lazy all the time. Larry's kitten (who he's named Chester) is rowdy and rambunctious. The only problem is I can't think of a name, any suggestions?


  1. Dozer? :) Thanks for the update, Bill!

  2. Dozer is cute! Other ideas: Olly, Ramsey.
    Congratulations on your new lap cat!