Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, February 11

Bill has had a pretty good week so far.  He was bumped up to official rehab status last week and his schedule definitely reflects that!  He has been spending 10+ hours in his chair each day and continues to work on cuff deflation.  I have actually been in New Mexico this week but Dad and Nancy are in Atlanta and they tell me that Bill is doing well and working very hard.  It looks like he has moved past the respiratory complications of the first couple months and that is such a relief.


  1. Keep up the good fight Bill! I'm wishing you well everyday and looking foward to seeing you soon.
    Much love from, Bekah :)

  2. Great to hear you are doing so well Bill!! Keep up the fight, will update those at my church and we'll keeping you in prayer.
    Sarah, Leslie had a girl on Mon. Hope you've seen the pictures. I'm sure you have so much to do while at home. Jeanne

  3. John and I have been planning and re-planning a trip out to see Bill. We've taken turns getting sick with coughs and colds, stupid sciatica pain and work overload. Bekah is coming out next week and we may have to see if we can schedual a flight with a stop-over in Georgia on John's way home from San Diego so we can see Bill too. If he's still at the Shepard Center by then. If he's made it home, we'll see about stopping there to visit. We love you, Bill, we just didn't want to risk you getting this deep cough we've had right after lung surgery. It was so great to hear you on the phone the other week! Glad to hear you're getting around. Love you.