Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, February 17

I was really hoping to turn this whole shebang over to Bill and let him tell you how things are going, but he's so busy responding to all of your email that he doesn't have time to update the blog.  Go figure.  Anyway, there are a couple of items worth reporting so I'll fill you all in.  First of all, Bill's discharge date has been moved back to March 10 (insurance company willing and all of that).  This buys him a week and a half more of intense inpatient rehab and hopefully will get him that much closer to getting off the ventilator.  He's pretty excited about this and although he wants to be home, he wants to be off the ventilator just a little bit more.  The other newsworthy item is that yesterday Bill was able to feed himself part of his lunch!  With the use of adaptive equipment, he was able to get 8 bites from the plate to his palate by himself and this is truly great news! 

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  1. Way to go Bill, keep up the good work and get off that ventilator, before you get home!! Will keep checking on you and your progress!!! God Bless, Jeanne