Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday, June 2

Hello everyone, I finally made it, home sweet home. There's nothing like the morning dew, or the way the Foxfire dances in the trees as the morning sun burns it off in the Whipple Holler. After spending two nights here, I'm already much better. The essence of solitude these days have brought me are well-earned. Yet, many more will come. As a welcome home gift I bought myself a gun mount for my wheelchair, included is a picture of such an item. It's got a joystick and a sip trigger, which allow me to use it by aiming and fire it. It will allow me to deer hunt this year and maybe I'll get that 12 point I was chasing at the beginning of last season. But I don't really care what I get I'm going to get it mounted, as my recovery deer. Next week though will be full of doctors appointments and rehab, not much relaxation there.and you will


  1. Awesome - I'd like some possum belly for dinner - :) Billy, I'm really glad to see you up and about!

  2. Bill, so good to see you in your own yard, and the gun mount is awesome. Sure hope you get that big one this fall!! Keep up the good work and the posts. All the best to you. Jeanne

  3. wooooohooooo look at you. Being home must feel wonderful. I'm thinking deer jerky this year.

    also nice to hear your positive attitude. life is good and so glad you are home---

    Joy Schumacher

  4. Wow! Ok, now that gun is something I gotta see! Hey nice post, Bill.

    Linda Roesch

    PS - let me know when you're ready to do a little math :) don't got a fancy mount for your ride but got a nice computer program you can play with ........