Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday,July 2 9

Hello again everyone, it may seem as though I've fallen off the face of the earth. And in ways I have, and it's quiet out here, but I love it. I've gone 36 days off of the ventilator for more than 16 hours and 35 days without being suctioned. The doctor even said it sounded like I was moving more air, so I'm hoping that this means my diaphragm is returning. I've talked to the doctor and he has agreed to let me try to go off the ventilator for a night with blood gas test before and after. He has also agreed to schedule a moving x-ray of my chest, to determine if my diaphragm is working. On the good side I was approved for 16 hours a day of nursing care, which started this past Monday, which gives dad and Larry sometime off. It's going very well and it's comforting to know that somebody is always awake. The puppy is almost twice as big as she was, she can now bark much to my excitement. She is hard to watch at all times, she's very sneaky. For another three weeks take care everyone, and no news is good news.


  1. HI, Bill,
    Your sister commented on my blog, run4spinalresearch, and we have been emailing, so I feel as if we have been introduced. I hope you don't mind if I add a link to your blog on mine, as I think it is important for people to SEE someone for whom I am trying to raise money.

    Good luck and continue the hard work on your breathing. I am currently listening to Christopher Reeve's book "Nothing is Impossible" while I work out, and so I have a hint of what you are going through, from him. I will send you strong thoughts that things go well for you.

    Your puppy is adorable! And your cat is marvelous, too. Your cat looks like one I had years ago, who was one of my favorites, named Oyster. Good luck, Bill. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Bill, I'm a friend of your sister's. I check in on your blog every once in a while, and it thrills me completely to see you so happy with your new dog. And I'm especially happy for you that you've made so much progress. Sure, they seem like small steps, but they are really big achievements. It's all perspective.
    Stay strong. You look great. :)
    -Cecilia Hennessy