Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

I thought that this year we would have to dig deep to find reasons for being thankful, but when I thought about it more last night I realized that wasn't the case.
  • Billy was with someone when the accident happened.  That person ran for help and without that he would certainly not be here now.
  • When our township volunteer EMTs saw him, they realized that his injuries were too severe for treatment at the local hospital.  They made the call for a helicopter and saved Bill from an ambulance ride that would have surely done more harm than good.
  • Our immediate family was available to be by his side, the whole time.
  • We have seen such an outpouring of support, love, prayers, and plain old good thoughts from people all over the country- for Billy as well as the rest of us.
  • He has been receiving top-notch medical care from an amazing team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and anyone else.  They have been incredibly responsive to us as well and will answer all of our questions, many of them multiple times.
  • He is alive.
This is no one's idea of a good time and right now there is so much uncertainty and so much sadness for what we think he has lost.  It's easy to lose sight of everything we still have and the potential Billy has for healing.  For all of this and so much more we are thankful this year.  Thank you all for your comments, emails, phone calls, and all the other support we've felt.  It means so much to us all.

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  1. Sarah -
    Our love and prayers are with you and your family - especially Bill. Thank you so much for sharing Billy's progress with such love and candor. Your Thanksgiving message makes it glaringly clear how precious and fragile life is and how courageous and loving a special big sister can be. We love you all.
    Margie and Barry Halfhill and Family