Monday, November 30, 2009

One more thing

I was thinking about a conversation I had with Bill today and I have to share it with everyone.  He was feeling pretty low about his prognosis and I was trying to get him motivated to go to rehab and finish his engineering degree.  I told him that one of the facilities I spoke to today told me that they get the latest technologies and their patients often get to participate in clinical trials and that the people that get to do this are young, healthy, motivated, and working towards goals.  After I finished talking he looked at me and mouthed "like me."

Yes, Bill.  Exactly like you.


  1. Awesome! He's got the spirit. Go Bill! Go Bill! We're all rooting for him.


  2. just wanted you all to know many many people are praying and sending loving healing energy to Billy. stay strong. and Billy one thing I remember about you is what a motivated hard worker you are. I know that when you put your mind to a task you accomplish it. Go Bill Go.