Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank you for the cards!

Bill wanted me to pass along his thanks for the cards that many of you have sent.  It really means a lot to him to know that people care.  If anyone else would like to send a card (nudge, nudge) you should do so.  I would not wait too long, we may be out of here in a week or two.

West Virginia University Hospitals
Andrew W. Beck
Ruby Memorial Hospital
1 Medical Center Drive
Morgantown, WV 26506

Thanks again!


  1. Hi Sarah. We are getting ready to have some employee meetings at the plant, and we're going to have all the employees sign a banner for Bill. The meetings will last a couple of weeks so before I send it I will make sure to have the correct address, in case he gets transferred somewhere new. I think a couple of the crews sent some cards last week too. We continue to keep Bill in our thoughts and prayers.

    Julie Wagner

  2. I am shocked and amazed that any doctor now would give such a final type of prognosis. Twenty or even ten years ago that would have been the case, but we're fast approaching a time when human testing of new treatments are going to be introduced. Just like heart patients at the time of heart transplants actually working, so is Bill at the time when science has figured a few things out about how to help nerves regenerate. I am very optimistic for him. It will still be a long road ahead and he still needs to start from where he is right now. But there is a road even if up ahead it's still under construction. All our love to you all.

  3. I'm with you Martha! I work in a teaching/trauma center with lots of clinical trials, some in my own dept. There is always hope and the power of prayer cannot be discounted. Read Matthew 19:26. If nothing else there is a new technology that looks a bit transformer like, an exoskeleton that allows para's to walk. I am a realist but with an abiding faith. God will create the best path for Bill. He'll need lots of encouragement, hard work, love and prayers for the arduaous journey ahead.