Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14

This will be a quick post, it's late and I'm exhausted.  Today was great!  Bill did three trach collar breathing trials for a total of 5.5 hours off the ventilator.  That's awesome!  He is exhausted in this photo and doesn't think he looks very good, but I think he looks triumphant.  Besides- flourescent lighting doesn't do anyone any favors!  Anyway, the trach collar tests actually got progressively easier as the day went by.  I'm not sure what that means for tomorrow, but hopefully he will remember how well he did tonight.  I also discovered that if I take the clock in his room off the wall, he doesn't count the minutes as they slowly tick by.


  1. Awesome news! Hang in there Bill! Keep up the good work!! We're all rooting for you every day! - Julie Wagner

  2. You have a great smile Billy and you ARE looking great! Five and a half hours? WOW!!!! You're a pretty awesome young man and I've grown quite attached to you. Your dad and I both miss you while back here Mon. - Thur. and look forward to standing by your side again.

    Stay strong in your faith because with God all things are possible. He will give you strength to get through this. You are His own and He loves you so very very much!

    Your dad saw Matt, Ben, and he thinks Chris also, caring for your goats last night! (How many Ohioans does it take to feed four goats?)
    You certainly have some wonderful friends who love you.

    My prayers and love are with you Billy.
    Till Friday, Nancy

  3. Hello Sarah,

    I have known Bill since band, and am good friends with Ben. The blog is a great tool for people like me who live away and have a hard time getting down to visit. It is good to hear the news about how he is doing, and keeps us in great spirits. We know Bill is a trooper, and that improvements will continue!

    It was always hard for me to leave a comment, but when I started seeing the pictures I just had to leave something. Bill and I are long hairs, so now that I see his bundling up I have to wonder about dreads. Bad taste joke, but his is an excellent guy and its good to hear of his conquests!

    Tell Bill I said hello and he is in my family's thoughts.

    Adam Reynolds

  4. I've been working on combing out Bill's hair for the past few weeks. I actually asked him how he felt about getting dreads. I thought that way he could still have long hair but it would be much lower maintenance. He didn't like that idea much! For now most of it is braided although it's getting pretty matted in the back where I can't get a comb.