Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photos and Other Stuff

Angela Malone (Bill's next door neighbor) just asked a great question- would Bill like to see photos from home?  I think that's probably a great idea.  Bill works for American Electric Power and last week they bought him a laptop to use.  I've been teasing him that they are trying to get him to do some work while he's in the hospital, but in all truth it is a fantastic way for him to stay connected to his friends and his life.  I've been uploading some photos I think would interest him and chances are you probably have some good pictures as well.  He can take the laptop with him to rehab and have some reminders of home.  Here's what we can do: if you have fewer than 5 pictures you can email them to to the address below.  If you have more than 5 send me an email and we will work out a different method for exchange.
photosforbill AT gmail DOT com

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  1. Well, pictures and a story. I hope you keep this journal updated throughout Bill's progress. It may be helpful to others he's going to meet along his way. Much, much love and strength to you all. And let's not forget the ever patient Mike.