Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 13

Bill had another one-hour trach collar breathing trial last night and it went fine.  It's painful and frightening for him to go through these tests, but his lungs are doing well so we hope it will get easier as he does it more.

Today he had two more one-hour breathing trials.  Both went well and he should sleep very well tonight.  I can't imagine how difficult this is for him.  There is just no way to know how much of a struggle something so simple as breathing is for Bill right now.  I only hope that it will get easier and in a month he will laugh when I ask him about how tough it was!

I'm not sure what the plan for the permanent pacemaker is.  I think the infection-free clock has been reset because of his fevers, but I don't know when the next possible time for surgery will be.  Stay tuned.... 

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  1. Sarah, glad to hear Bill is able to do the breathing test, I'm sure it is very hard work for him, but tell him to hang in there, he is being remembered in many prayers. I updated those in church yesterday, which wasn't many because of the icey roads yesterday morning. Thank you for this blog and keeping us all up to date on Bill.