Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday, December 6

I am back in Morgantown today and I want to thank everyone who fed me (especially Lisa and Matt) or handed me hot cups of coffee and tea this weekend.  Sustenance for both body and soul.

Bill had a tough day today.  Although he is no longer having bradycardic events thanks to the new pacemaker, he is concerned about every single other number on his monitor.  The nurse kept repositioning the monitor so that he could not see it in an attempt to get him to relax and rest, but he still managed to crane his neck and stare at the numbers all day.  The good news is that he is now moving his head and neck more!  The bad news is that he was terrified to go to sleep for fear the numbers would dwindle and he would expire.  The irony is that with the pacemaker that won't happen.  The irrational part is that should the numbers get too low the monitor makes loud noises and fewer than a dozen steps away are many trained professionals who respond to those noises.  But none of that really matters: he woke up in a hospital bed unable to move with everyone telling him he was doing great while he feels the polar opposite of great.  I can't imagine how terrified and anxious he must feel and all we can really do is try to reassure him. 

He also had another bronchoscopy today.  It turns out I've been mispronouncing and misspelling that one.  Oops.  Anyway, this should help with a lot of the mucus in his lungs and will hopefully help him have a more peaceful day tomorrow.

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