Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, December 10

Today's update starts with a big "hey everybody!" from Bill.  I showed him the blog this morning and read several entries to him.  He likes the connection it gives him to all of you and he gives me content suggestions nearly every day.  He also requested I take his picture today.  If his neck collar looks crooked, that's because it is.  He's just too skinny for it to fit him properly and it always slides to the side.  It looks like it's time for a shave and some hair-combing!

The day went fairly well.  He had another bronchoscopy to remove some fluid from his left lung.  That went well and I'm sure he was relieved to have gotten out of a breathing trial today.  Tomorrow the doctors will probably do another breathing trial and he will likely hate it but it will be good for him.

Our granddad, Roger Beck, passed away earlier this week.  I told Billy today and I think he took the news as well as could be expected.  It's a terrible blow, especially to Dad, and another reminder of just how precious life is.  Mike managed to line us up and take this picture a couple winters ago.  Many thanks to our cousin Amber for cleaning up the photo for me.  If this seems like a lousy tribute, I apologize.  I'm still trying to process everything. 


  1. Sarah, so sorry to hear of your grandfathers passing, but glad to hear Bill is progressing and hope this only gets better each day. The power of prayer is great. Will keep Bill, you and your family in prayer. Jeanne

  2. Sarah - it's wonderful to see Bill and the smile on his face. So sorry to hear about your granddad. We continue to pray for your whole family. - Julie Wagner

  3. Sarah,
    First let me compliment you on a job well done with this blog. I’m sure it’s a time consuming and difficult task for you during these difficult times.

    It has been years since I last saw you as a little girl and I wonder if you remember my son Sean who was your Summer baby sitter for a brief time circa 1983. I have been in frequent contact with Billy though. Of course my primary connection with your family was my 35 year friendship with your grandfather Roger. I visited him often and as long as he was able I often helped him with his projects. In a way he was the brother I never had. I will always value the time I spent with him over the years.

    I have not been able to contact your father but I did relay a message to him through one of Roger’s friends that if there is any way I can be of assistance I will try to help out.

    I am so glad to see Billy progressing albeit slow but steady. Thanks to your reporting I am able to monitor his progress.

    Dave Boley

  4. Hey Bill (or Billy as i know him)

    Hope you are hanging in there and keeping strong. Sorry to hear about your grandpa.

    Let us know if you need anything.

    Nathan Reich - nathanreich360 AT mac DOT COM

  5. Sarah,
    Thank you for posting updates about Bill. Your cousin Becca (sp?) called me after the she saw my number when she stopped at Bills house. And i've been checking the blog every day.
    Just let Bill know that I am thinking about him and that i know he is a fighter and will pull through all of this. And that i'm sorry i havent kept in touch better. {And that Wyoming is still cold and windy :-) }
    I was sorry to hear about your granddad, i know he and bill were close. Keep your spirits up.


  6. Keith and Angela MaloneDecember 12, 2009 at 7:54 AM


    We am glad to hear you are progressing. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you since your accident. We pray multiple times each day for you and I know there are prayers of many others on your behalf. Keep your spirits up - we'll keep watch here on Whipple Run until your return. The Malone Family

  7. Dear Sarah and Billie,
    I wrote a post but don't know what happened to it -- not "high tech" like you younguns :-).

    So sorry to hear about your Grampa Roger. My hubby, Norman, and he worked in the woods together a bunch. It was/is VERY dangerous work as you two know. Norm has had some close calls.

    Billie, we are thinking of you VERY often and Sarah, what a dear you are to keep folks informed.

    It was good to hear your father's voice on our answering machine and happy he responded to our call. Realize he is very busy at the present.

    The Beck family and the two of us go back many years. We were good friends with your g.grandparents,Elmer & Rose. They were very nice to our two girls.

    Our grandson also has a blog as he is a student at Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School. He is in the Marine Reserves. You might want to look @ Will's Workbench.

    We visited with your grandpa Roger a few weeks ago and he was concerned when I decided to back down the hill. It was dark but it wasn't a problem. He stood at the top of the hill and watched until we were out on the hardtop road.

    We will be thinking of all of you and praying.
    Very Sincerely,
    The Wilkinsons
    (Norm & Dorothy)