Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday, December 19

Bill is making great progress with the trach collar breathing trials yesterday and today! These are incredibly difficult for him and he is exhausted when they end, but he is committed to doing this and breaking free of the ventilator. This is the first part of what will be a mentally and physically grueling recovery. It must feel daunting to him at times but I am certain that he will rise to this. There are many incredible stories of people overcoming the obstacles that go along with spinal cord injuries, but it's never easy.  He is slowly regaining sensation in both his right and left hands and fingers. Starting on Wednesday he has been able to rotate his right forearm. That is really good sign and will translate to more independence for him down the road. Wednesday was the one-month anniversary of his accident and he is still in the very early stages of recovery. It's encouraging to see so much improvement so soon and makes me very hopeful for the future.


  1. Hey Sarah, we got blanketed with 21 inches of snow here on the Cape. I had to walk to Cumbies to get a paper and played "snowplow dodge" all the way. Beanie had a great time. Too deep to sled, too soft to make snowmen, but just right to jump off the swing into deep piles of fluff! Glad to hear good news about Bill, I check every night to see what's new. As always, love and strength to you all.

  2. Hey Sarah,
    As we head into Christmas I want to thank you for the reminders about what's really important in life and how miraculous are the simplest aspects of being alive (like breathing).
    I know the office 'doings' are the last thing on your mind, but we missed you at the Christmas party & gift exchange. Just FYI: I scored a wonderful gift from Lance: a Santa Claus commode set! You may see it at next year's exchange...
    love, Dana